How to work successfully from home – SHARE

Who’s it for and what’s it all about?

4 June 2020 in Online

Will your services to tenants change because of COVID?

A webinar, featuring Cairn Housing, will address how COVID-19 may shape the services that Scottish social landlords deliver in the future.

11 June 2020 in Online

Improve your productivity – SHARE

Who’s it for and what’s it all about?

15 June 2020–17 June 2020 in Online

Mastering difficult conversations – SHARE

This Zoom workshop is for anyone facing a 1-1 conversation which might be tricky, and who wants a number of strategies, tools, tactic and skills to help them make such a conversation more successful.

23 June 2020 in Online

HeadStrong’s Positive Lessons on Mental Health

SHARE is working with HeadStrong to bring a brand new programme to the housing sector. Brian Costello, Director of Headstrong will be delivering this exciting and engaging programme which can really help make a difference for you, your teams and tenants.

22 June 2020–26 June 2020 in Online

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15 June 2020–11 August 2020 in Glasgow