Accounts Commission

New care model ‘not yet achieving its full potential’

New ways of offering people more choice and control over their social care can make a real difference but further work is needed to ensure everyone can benefit, according to a report out today.

Published 24 August 2017

Accounts Commission highlights financial challenges facing local authorities

Newly elected councillors in May need to focus on improving long-term planning to tackles the major financial challenges facing Scotland’s local authorities, according to a new report from the Accounts Commission.

Published 7 March 2017

Watchdog ‘concerned’ as East Dunbartonshire Council transformation falls behind schedule

East Dunbartonshire Council needs to make “significant” improvements if it is to achieve £27.6 million in savings over the next three years, the Accounts Commission has warned.

Published 15 December 2016

Falkirk Council failing to ‘grasp nettle’ of budget challenges

The Accounts Commission has criticised Falkirk Council for being “slow in grasping the nettle” of tackling major financial challenges ahead.

Published 1 December 2016

Councils need to change the way they work to tackle ‘significant’ fiscal challenges

Scotland’s councils face “significant challenges” managing their finances as rising demand for services and falling income could results in a combined funding gap of £553m by 2018/19, according to a new report from the Accounts Commission.

Published 29 November 2016

Angus Council services face further cuts ahead of £26.5m funding gap

Angus Council needs to increase the pace of change if it is to meet its £26.5 million savings target, an Accounts Commission report says today.

Published 4 October 2016

Accounts Commission praises progress at South Ayrshire Council

Major improvements have been made at South Ayrshire Council over the last two years since a critical audit voiced concerns about significant weaknesses in its management, the Accounts Commission has said.

Published 6 July 2016

Councils should not tackle budget challenges by imposing further cuts, warns Accounts Commission

Budget reductions mean starker choices ahead for Scotland’s councils which will not be met simply by continuing to cut staff and services, according to a new report.

Published 17 March 2016

Urgent change to health and social care ‘not happening fast enough’

A lack of national leadership and clear planning is preventing the wider change urgently needed if Scotland’s health and social care services are to adapt to increasing pressures, according to a report.

Published 10 March 2016

Edinburgh Council’s budget management ‘getting back on track’

The City of Edinburgh Council is on a "far sounder financial footing" than a year ago after making considerable progress towards balancing its books, according to a report from the Accounts Commission.

Published 25 February 2016

Councils routinely failing to oversee effective capital investment, warns watchdog

The Accounts Commission has urged Scotland’s local authorities to further improve the way they manage major projects like schools, roads, housing and flood prevention.

Published 14 January 2016

Argyll and Bute Council makes progress but more to do, says watchdog

Argyll and Bute Council has made solid improvement but needs to build on this for the future, according to a new report from the Accounts Commission.

Published 17 December 2015

Audit Scotland: Health and social care integration faces major challenges

Significant risks must be addressed if a major reform of health and social care is to fundamentally change how services are delivered, and improve outcomes for the people who use them, Audit Scotland has warned.

Published 3 December 2015

Moray councillors urged to significantly quicken the pace of change

The Moray Council needs to “significantly increase” the pace of change and improvement if it is to build on the progress made over the last two years, according to the Accounts Commission.

Published 29 October 2015

Falkirk Council urged to be ‘faster and more ambitious’ to achieve £46m cuts

The Accounts Commission has urged Falkirk Council to do more to achieve £46 million of cuts over the next three years.

Published 2 September 2015