Asylum seekers / refugees

Lawyers secure legal aid for asylum seekers facing eviction by Home Office

A group of social justice lawyers based in Glasgow have secured on behalf of asylum seekers in Scotland the right to access legal aid for representation in tribunal appeals, where they face eviction from housing provided by the Home Office.

Published 16 September 2021

More councils lend support to Afghan relocation programme

More Scottish local authorities are to assist Afghan families moving to the UK under a government relocation scheme.  

Published 9 September 2021

Scottish Refugee Council launches Afghan support network

The Scottish Refugee Council has started an Afghan Support Network to coordinate all of its members' generous offers of support for Afghan refugees.

Published 31 August 2021

Mayor of London extends Right to Buy-back scheme to support arrival of Afghan refugees

Councils and housing associations across London are to be given support to buy former council homes from the private sector that can be used to resettle families arriving from Afghanistan

Published 27 August 2021

Scottish councils offer shelter to people from Afghanistan

Local authorities from across Scotland have signalled their intent to offer a haven to Afghans escaping the turmoil in their homeland.

Published 20 August 2021

Refugee projects awarded £2.8m to aid resettlement of New Scots

Organisations and community groups working to support refugees in Scotland will share £2.8 million through a new grant scheme.

Published 16 August 2021

New housing guide aims to help give refugees a safe place to call home

Scottish Refugee Council and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) have launched new guidance to help landlords give refugees and people seeking asylum a safe and secure place to call home.

Published 22 July 2021

South Ayrshire homes made available to Afghan refugees

Three homes in South Ayrshire will be made available to refugees from Afghanistan

Published 30 June 2021

Asylum seekers entitled to backdated child tax credits as Govan Law Centre wins landmark case

HMRC was wrong to refuse a backdated claim for child tax credits for asylum seekers who had been granted refugee status, a judge in the Court of Session has ruled in the first successful social security test case for asylum seekers and tax credits in the UK.

Published 17 June 2021

Refugee organisations pen open letter to Home Office on Aspen card crisis

More than 50 refugee and migrant organisations, lawyers and academics across Scotland, Wales and England have signed an open letter to home secretary Priti Patel to raise questions about the ongoing Aspen card crisis and the card contractor PrePaid Financial Services.

Published 11 June 2021

Robina Qureshi: The Aspen card crisis

Ten days have now passed with thousands of asylum seekers, including several hundred in Glasgow, being left without working payment cards due to a Home Office contract changeover, writes Robina Qureshi.

Published 7 June 2021

UK: Decision to house asylum seekers at military barracks unlawful, High Court rules

A move by the Home Office to house asylum seekers in a "squalid" military barracks in Folkstone was flawed and unlawful, the High Court has found.

Published 4 June 2021

Callum Chomczuk: We must challenge the culture on immigration

CIH Scotland director Callum Chomczuk on the need for reform of our immigration system to end the hostile environment.

Published 21 May 2021

Wheatley steps up support to help refugees settle in Scotland

Wheatley Group is stepping up its support to help refugees and asylum seekers settle into life in Scotland with the development of a new welcome pack.

Published 23 March 2021

Asylum seeker hotel accommodation during pandemic 'most inhumane' ever witnessed

Positive Action in Housing (PAIH) has described the use of hotels as asylum accommodation under the Home Office/Mears contract as the "most inhumane" it has ever witnessed.

Published 26 February 2021