Bedroom tax

UK: 'Bedroom tax' case to be heard at Supreme Court

An appeal is to be heard in the UK's highest court on Wednesday in an important constitutional case on the powers of specialist tribunals and local authorities relating to the 'bedroom tax'. The

Published 2 July 2019

Drugs gangs ‘exploited bedroom tax’ to use homes of vulnerable tenants for crimes

Legitimate housing provision in the form of good quality housing association accommodation is a “critical resource” for supporting vulnerable tenants at risk of being exploited from serious organised crime, according to new research.

Published 5 June 2018

UK welfare cuts ‘having major impact on rent arrears’

Households renting in the private and social sectors have been severely affected by UK government welfare policies, according to a new report.

Published 14 May 2018

SFHA repeats call for Universal Credit pause

Secretary of state for work and pensions Esther McVey MP will face further calls to pause Universal Credit when she appears before the Scottish Parliament’s social security committee today.

Published 16 April 2018

West Dunbartonshire hardest hit in the UK from ‘bedroom tax’

Residents in West Dunbartonshire are the worst hit in the entire UK by the ‘bedroom tax’ with more than £1.8 million deducted from housing benefit claimants each year, according to new figures.

Published 9 October 2017

More details emerge on new social security agency

Social security minister Jeane Freeman has outlined more details on Scotland’s new social security agency and provided an update on the Scottish Government’s progress to abolish the ‘bedroom tax’ at source and in delivering choice in Universal Credit.

Published 20 September 2017

Blog: Delivering social security to Scotland’s people

Ahead of yesterday’s statement in the Scottish Parliament, social security minister Jeane Freeman blogs about how the Scottish Government will deliver its new social security system.

Published 20 September 2017

SFHA ‘concerned’ over social security bill’s tenancy sustainment capabilities

The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) has accused the Social Security (Scotland) Bill of saying little about the powers the Scottish Government could exercise that would assist tenants who need help to sustain their tenancy.

Published 30 August 2017

Actual use of spare room irrelevant in ‘bedroom tax’ assessment, appeal judges rule

A disabled woman who converted a bedroom in her rented housing association property into a second living room so she could have a living space separate from her carers was still liable for the higher rate of the so-called ‘bedroom tax’, appeal judges have ruled.

Published 16 June 2017

Scottish Liberal Democrats pledge to create housing and infrastructure development bank

A housing and infrastructure development bank will be created to stimulate major capital investment across the UK under new plans by the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Published 1 June 2017

Discretionary Housing Payments topped £50m over past year

Almost 113,000 awards have been made under the Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) scheme over the past year, with a total value of £51.9 million, new figures have revealed.

Published 31 May 2017

SNP 2017 general election manifesto launched in Perth

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined the SNP’s key policies yesterday as the party leader revealed its manifesto for the upcoming general election.

Published 31 May 2017

£58m to combat UK government welfare cuts in Scotland

Almost £58 million will be spent mitigating the impact of the UK government’s welfare reform on households across Scotland, it has been announced, as Westminster vows to press on with plans for further cuts to housing benefit.

Published 6 March 2017

Scottish Government fails to reach agreement with Westminster over ‘bedroom tax’

Scottish ministers have yet to reach an agreement with the UK government over a potential reduction in the benefits of claimants in Scotland when the Scottish Government abolishes the ‘bedroom tax’.

Published 23 February 2017

Westminster warned against benefits ‘claw back’ once ‘bedroom tax’ abolished in Scotland

Scottish ministers are to seek assurances from the UK government that it will not reduce the benefits of claimants in Scotland when the Scottish Government abolishes the ‘bedroom tax’.

Published 20 February 2017