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Black’s Blog: Getting our teeth into homelessness

Jimmy Black responds to a report produced by a team of researchers from the University of Dundee’s Dental Health Services Research Unit which uncovered a geographical disparity in support services available to those who find themselves homeless in the city.

Published 31 May 2019

Black's Blog: Technology First … then Housing?

Jimmy Black highlights the importance of bridging the technology gap if people who are homeless or in temporary accommodation are to access vital services.

Published 21 May 2019

Black’s Blog: Save or demolish in Dundee?

Jimmy Black, former Housing Convener at Dundee City Council, has been campaigning to stop the demolition of historic tenements in Blackness Road. Previously he wrote that a consultation exercise had been misreported to councillors. Now he says Freedom of Information has thrown up new contradictions.

Published 21 March 2018

Black’s Blog: Revolutionary ideas at Hospitalfield House

Architect Malcolm Fraser did the impossible at the first Andrew Nicoll Lecture (September 22). He made some revolutionary ideas seem sensible.

Published 25 September 2017

Black’s Blog: Jimmy Black likes Shelter’s ‘I Need Help’ button… and he’s fond of ALISS too

Getting the creative digital sector together with charities was the theme of Shelter Scotland’s Building Digital Communities Event on July 19. I went to hear more about the new Shelter ‘I Need Help’ button, which will link homeless people and others in need to Shelter’s extensive information resources.

Published 20 July 2017

Black's Blog: Jimmy Black fuses sheltered housing and telecare

In sheltered housing you get a pendant to call the warden. Outside sheltered housing, you get telecare. Two very different things, bought by two very different departments, under two very different procurement regimes?

Published 3 April 2017

Black's Blog: Homeless not phoneless?

Former convener of housing at Dundee City Council, Jimmy Black muses about Shelter Scotland’s recent "hackathon".

Published 3 August 2016

Black’s Blog: Jimmy Black thinks about stairs… and how to avoid them

Stairs. A complete nuisance if you have furniture to shift, babies to carry, shopping to bring home. That’s all of us at one time or another. And they’re a nuisance for disabled people too.

Published 10 May 2016

Black’s Blog: Jimmy Black is puzzled about sheltered housing

Sheltered housing generally involves a warden call system. If tenants press their buttons when the wardens have gone home, the alarm may go through to the council’s community alarm system. Two systems? Why does there need to be two systems which effectively do the same thing?

Published 31 March 2016

Black’s Blog: Self inflicted silly season stories...

Councillor Black reflects on self inflicted silly season stories...

Published 13 August 2015

Black’s Blog: Councillor Black reports on Making Renting Right

You are looking for your first rented flat, and a landlord says "give me £200 and I'll keep this flat for you. But back out and the money's mine". Would you know this was an illegal premium? If the landlord then said: "Leave the place in good order and I'll give you back a month's rent", would you know this was an illegal deposit?

Published 26 June 2015

Black’s Blog: Do up or demolish?

Cllr Jimmy Black counts his profits

Published 20 May 2015

Black’s Blog: Social housing in 1947

Cllr Black looks back to 1947

Published 30 April 2015

Black’s Blog – Housing officer Ian Storrar

Cllr Jimmy Black reflects on the death of a housing officer

Published 21 April 2015

Black's Blog - Right to Buy

Published 15 April 2015