Universal Credit claimants suspected of £150m advances fraud

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has identified nearly 100,000 Universal Credit claimants that it suspects may have claimed an advance fraudulently, the National Audit Office (NAO) said today.

Published 20 March 2020

Cairn Housing Association wins £38k in unpaid benefits for disabled tenants

Cairn Housing Association has transformed the lives of two chronically disabled tenants by winning them back a combined £38,000 unexpected windfall of unpaid benefits.

Published 6 January 2020

DWP confirms plan for social landlords to get direct Universal Credit payments

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has written to housing associations regarding its plans to ensure landlords receive direct payment of housing costs at the same time as tenants receive their Universal Credit payment.

Published 18 December 2019

Cairn Housing Association wins disabled tenant £25,000 of unpaid benefits

Cairn Housing Association has transformed the life of a chronically disabled tenant by winning him back an unexpected £25,000 windfall of unpaid benefits.

Published 6 December 2019

‘Myth-busting’ Universal Credit adverts banned for misleading public

A series of UK Government advertisements aiming to dispel myths about Universal Credit have been banned by a regulator for misleading the public.

Published 6 November 2019

Perth landlords urged to attend DWP event

Landlords in Perth are being encouraged to attend an event to learn more about Universal Credit.

Published 26 August 2019

UK government wins appeal against High Court benefit cap ruling

The UK government has won a challenge against a ruling that its benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against lone parents with children under two.

Published 16 March 2018

Homeless households to be made exempt from Universal Credit

The UK government is to make households that are made homeless exempt from Universal Credit following reports that the new benefits system has led to an increase in rent arrears.

Published 29 March 2017

New welfare cuts will cause increase in debt and homelessness, housing sector warns

Westminster's plans for a fresh round of welfare cuts, dubbed ‘Bedroom Tax 2’, threatens to undermine housebuilding projects, increase homelessness, and weaken public sector finances across Scotland, it has been claimed.

Published 4 January 2017

SFHA condemns DWP’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ position on supported accommodation

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that proposed changes to its policy on Local Housing Allowance (LHA) will apply to all tenants in supported housing, not only those with new tenancies.

Published 26 September 2016

Supported accommodation LHA funding to transfer to Holyrood

The UK government has announced that its policy to cap Local Housing Allowance (LHA) for supported accommodation will be put on ice until 2019 when the funding for Scotland will then be transferred to Holyrood.

Published 16 September 2016

Official study reveals ‘bedroom tax’ is driving people into hunger and debt

The ‘bedroom tax’ is forcing people to cut back on food and essential items while burdening them with large personal debts, an official government study has revealed.

Published 18 December 2015

Sanctions causing shocking destitution

New figures on emergency payments to benefit claimants reveal  the UK government is creating horrific levels of destitution, according to an academic.

Published 20 November 2015

Glasgow top for bedroom tax cases -- SFHA says: new powers could consign ‘bedroom tax’ to history

Commenting on the DWP’s Housing Benefit caseload statistics which show that the City of Glasgow Area has the highest number of ‘bedroom tax’ cases in the UK at 12,443, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) said that it hoped the new powers offered in the Scotland Bill to vary the level of the ‘bedroom tax’ to zero will, once enacted, be used by the Scottish Parliament to consign it to history.

Published 13 November 2015