East Lothian Housing Association

New affordable homes available across East Lothian

Affordable homes including new council houses, have been delivered across East Lothian this year.

Published 2 December 2020

ELHA celebrates 1,000th paper-free tenant

When Joanna Walker from Haddington decided to go paper-free, she became East Lothian Housing Association’s (ELHA) 1,000th paper-free tenant, receiving some flowers, chocolates and £100 in gift vouchers to mark the occasion.

Published 9 October 2020

ELHA to write off COVID-19 ‘five-week wait’ rent

East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) has agreed to extend its innovative Assistance Scheme to write off rent during the five-week wait period for new Universal Credit claims for tenants who have a sudden loss of income due to coronavirus.

Published 8 October 2020

East Lothian Housing Association publishes annual performance report

An annual summary of East Lothian Housing Association's (ELHA) monthly performance updates has now been released.

Published 25 August 2020

East Lothian Housing Association and R3 to extend opening hours

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) and its in-house maintenance contractor R3 have both extended their opening hours.

Published 26 March 2020

East Lothian Housing Association stops themed annual and performance reports

East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) has announced that the curtain has fallen on its themed, innovative and distinctive annual and performance reports.

Published 27 August 2019

Tracey Kerr to retire from East Lothian Housing Association

After 25 years as director of housing at East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA), Tracey Kerr is heading for the oceans, ski slopes and bridleways of the world at the end of this month.

Published 19 December 2018

ELHA aiming to save the universe with latest annual report

East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) has officially left Wonderland and has entered the space age – only to find that the universe itself needs saving.

Published 27 August 2018

Mary Taylor becomes Alice Herself

As East Lothian Housing Association’s (ELHA) journey Through the Looking Glass continues, who better to reflect on adventures past and present but Alice Herself, otherwise known as Dr Mary Taylor, former chief executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)?

Published 6 September 2017

ELHA goes Through the Looking Glass with new annual report

East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) has followed up last year’s first forays into Wonderland by going Through the Looking Glass with its new annual report.

Published 28 August 2017

Housing’s role in Scottish Government’s digital strategy

The Scottish Government has reaffirmed its determination to work with housing associations to help promote digital inclusion and participation.

Published 24 March 2017

East Lothian Housing Association founder Roy Fawcett

East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) is very sorry to have to announce the death of Roy Fawcett, the founding chair of the Association, on 2 January 2017.

Published 16 January 2017

Tenants learn more about scrutiny at joint Dunedin Canmore, East Lothian and Kingdom event

A Joint Scrutiny Panel event for tenants and residents from Dunedin Canmore, East Lothian and Kingdom housing associations was so successful that another joint session is to be held in six months’ time.

Published 24 October 2016

‘King of Hearts’ David Orr to speak at ELHA AGM

David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, but better known in East Lothian as the ‘King of Hearts’, will visit Wonderland on Monday 26 September this year to address his subjects at the Annual General Meeting of East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA).

Published 7 September 2016

ELHA releases its Adventures in Wonderland annual report

As the adventures continue for East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA) and its happy band of Sprites, the latest volume (containing some nonsense, a few riddles but largely lots of sensible data about the year just gone) is now available to download.

Published 29 August 2016