Grenfell Tower

Internal Market Bill could 'weaken Scotland's Grenfell protections'

The UK Government's plans to ensure trade can be carried on unhindered in each of the four home nations once the UK severs its ties to the EU will weaken Scottish building standards designed to prevent Grenfell-like disasters, a leading architect has warned.

Published 22 September 2020

Housebuilder claims blanket ban on Grenfell-type cladding is not required

The UK Government should relax its ban on combustible cladding imposed after the Grenfell Tower fire, according to a housebuilder.

Published 19 June 2020

Grenfell Tower Inquiry suspended

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has been suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus crisis.

Published 17 March 2020

Katherine Metcalfe: Scottish Government risks falling behind on post-Grenfell safety

Katherine Metcalfe compares building safety regulations north and south of the border.

Published 24 February 2020

Lauren Hazlie: Cladding – what you need to know for 2020

Trainee solicitor at Jones Whyte Law, Lauren Hazlie, provides information on high rise cladding and what people should be aware of when looking to buy or sell a property which has inappropriate cladding.

Published 31 January 2020

Guidance issued to strengthen fire safety for people who receive care or support

New guidance has been published to reduce the risk from fire in specialised housing, such as sheltered and supported accommodation.

Published 30 January 2020

US cladding firm faces $40m fees for Grenfell

The American firm which manufactured the flammable cladding panels used on Grenfell Tower has spent $40 million on legal and advisory fees linked to the incident, it has emerged.

Published 29 January 2020

Kevin Stewart urges UK Government to resolve cladding impact on mortgage lending

Housing minister Kevin Stewart has called for urgent action to resolve an issue which has seen homeowners unable to sell or re-mortgage their homes following the publication of cladding advice from the UK Government.

Published 27 January 2020

England: New measures could see tall building threshold lowered

The UK Government has launched a consultation into proposals to lower the 18-metre height tall building threshold as part of new measures to improve building safety standards.

Published 21 January 2020

Combustible materials ‘clearly at fault’ for spread of Grenfell Tower fire

The long-awaited public inquiry report into the Grenfell Tower tragedy has concluded that the choice, combination and installation of cladding led to the fire spreading so quickly.

Published 31 October 2019

Lack of cladding certification could render high rise flats 'unsellable'

Potentially hundreds of flats in high rise blocks across Scotland may be effectively unsellable due to a lack of certification for cladding, it has been reported.

Published 21 October 2019

Eric Curran: Why getting cladding right must not cause property blight

Well-meaning legislation put in place following Grenfell is proving a real challenge for the property/construction industry in practice, writes chartered surveyor Eric Curran.

Published 9 October 2019

Fife Council commits £4.5m to high rise improvements

More than £4.5 million has been invested to improve high rise flats in Fife since the Grenfell disaster in 2017, the local authority has revealed.

Published 13 September 2019

CIH Scotland welcomes consultation on strengthening fire safety in high rise domestic buildings

CIH Scotland has welcomed the publication of revised fire safety guidance for landlords but called for the Scottish Government to ensure that fire safety messages for residents are clear and consistent in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.

Published 17 July 2019

Grenfell survivors and relatives to take legal action in US

More than 100 Grenfell survivors and relatives have opened lawsuit proceedings in the US against three firms they blame for the fire.

Published 10 June 2019