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Kirsty Wells: Diversity, Disruption and Innovation – what have we learnt in 2020?

“I’m thinking about her and about the generations of women – Black women, Asian, white, Latina, and Native American women throughout our nation’s history who have paved the way for this moment tonight.” Kamala Harris, 7 November 2020

Published 18 November 2020

79% of Scottish landlords plan to use pandemic as a catalyst to improve services

According to the latest data from HouseMark Scotland, 79% of landlords in Scotland plans to use the pandemic as a catalyst to improve services.

Published 31 July 2020

Report forecasts December peak for social housing arrears

Rent arrears for social landlords in Scotland are forecasted to peak in December 2020 at 42% higher than March with the end of the furlough scheme representing a “significant arrears risk” for landlords, a new report has found.

Published 10 July 2020

HouseMark Scotland announces partnership with Disruptive Innovators Network

HouseMark Scotland has announced a new partnership with the Disruptive Innovators Network (DIN) to bring a year of inspiration, insight and innovation to the Scottish social housing sector for 2020.

Published 28 February 2020

Scotland’s Housing Network and HouseMark Scotland unveil tenant safety collaboration

Scotland’s Housing Network and HouseMark Scotland have joined forces to launch an initiative to develop new Key Performance Indicators to support social landlords to measure compliance and performance in relation to tenant safety.

Published 17 February 2020

Social landlords show commitment to efficiency, transparency and accountability

The housing association sector in Scotland is committed to efficiency, transparency and accountability, according to the 2019 Scottish Sector Scorecard analysis report.

Published 2 December 2019

River Clyde Homes wins Customer Excellence prize at CIH awards

River Clyde Homes has won the Customer Excellence Award at the annual CIH Scotland Excellence Awards in Glasgow.

Published 4 November 2019

Eco-innovator announced for HouseMark Scotland’s ‘Disruption and Innovation in the Housing Sector’ event

James McCallum, multiple-business founder and internationally recognised eco-innovator in the energy sector, has been confirmed as a speaker at HouseMark Scotland’s ‘Disruption and Innovation in the Housing Sector’ event.

Published 9 October 2019

Kirsty Wells: Housing as a human right – celebrating Scottish Housing Day 2019

Kirsty Wells, head of HouseMark Scotland, discusses Scottish Housing Day 2019 and the theme of 'housing as a human right'

Published 18 September 2019

Kirsty Wells: Supporting the sector to deliver better performance

HouseMark Scotland has updated its Scottish Social Housing Charter comparison tool to include new data released last week, writes Kirsty Wells.

Published 5 September 2019

HouseMark Scotland members pioneer new Embedding Excellence Programme

Falkirk and West Dunbartonshire councils are leading the way in self-awareness by piloting HouseMark Scotland’s new Embedding Excellence Programme.

Published 21 May 2019

Improved value and outcomes on the cards for tenants as ‘Sector Scorecard’ opens for third year of data collection

Improved value and outcomes are on the cards for tenants across Scotland as housing associations enter their data into the Sector Scorecard for the third year running.

Published 8 May 2019

South Lanarkshire uses rent affordability tool with tenants and staff to encourage dialogue and effective engagement

South Lanarkshire Council has effectively used HouseMark’s rent affordability tool with staff and tenants to understand better the implications of proposed rent changes and kick off constructive conversations.

Published 30 April 2019

HouseMark Scotland’s Specialist Clubs programme

HouseMark Scotland’s Specialist Clubs are a part of HouseMark’s programme to support the housing sector to achieve continuous improvement and deliver better outcomes for tenants, customers, wider communities and regulators. Our Clubs content is designed exclusively for the Scottish housing sector.

Published 10 April 2019

HouseMark Scotland launches ‘Embedding Excellence’ programme

The housing sector will be “supported to excel” thanks to HouseMark Scotland’s new ‘Embedding Excellence’ programme.

Published 12 March 2019