Right to Rent

Crackdown on ‘illegal’ immigrants leading to discrimination against ethnic minority Britons

Foreigners and British citizens without passports, particularly those from ethnic minorities, are being discriminated against in the private rental housing market as a result of the Right to Rent scheme designed to crack down on irregular immigration, according to a new report by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI).

Published 13 February 2017

UK news: Tenants without passports ‘struggle to access rented housing’

British nationals without a passport face difficulties accessing rented accommodation after the UK government made landlords responsible for carrying out illegal migrant checks, according to a new survey.

Published 15 November 2016

Blog: Tackling discrimination in housing

There is no doubt that the introduction of document checks has increased the incentive for landlords to discriminate. So what can be done? CIH policy adviser John Perry explains.

Published 28 September 2016

Blog: Implementing ‘Right to Rent’ immigration checks in Scotland: a recipe for confusion, complexity and discrimination?

There is fear that the UK government’s latest round of immigration reforms could increase discrimination against some people wanting to rent privately and ride roughshod over Scottish housing law.

Published 14 June 2016

Landlords given protection from criminal consequences of Immigration Bill

MPs have approved measures that will give greater protection to responsible landlords wanting to evict illegal immigrants.

Published 27 April 2016

Immigration Bill changes removes immediate criminalisation threat to landlords

Landlords taking ‘reasonable steps’ will no longer be immediately criminalised for failing to pick up illegal tenants following changes to the UK government’s Right to Rent legislation.

Published 4 March 2016

Ryanair court case ‘raises question over Right to Rent policy’

A judgement in a court case involving Ryanair may significantly reduce the UK government’s ability to enforce its ‘Right to Rent’ policy, according to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

Published 18 February 2016

Blog: The unintended consequences of Right to Rent

By Sarah Macfadyen, policy manager at Crisis

Published 2 February 2016

UK government accused of failing landlords as new immigration policy goes live across England

Over ninety per cent of landlords have received no information from the UK government on their new legal duty to check the immigration status of their tenants.

Published 1 February 2016

‘Right to Rent’ immigration scheme to be rolled out across England from February

The UK government is to press ahead with plans requiring landlords to check the immigration status of renters despite a pilot scheme evaluation revealing the policy had an “alarming” impact on homelessness and the “potential” for discrimination.

Published 20 October 2015

Immigration Bill eviction measures 'should not be extended to Scotland'

The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland has added its voice to growing concerns over the potential impact of the UK government’s 2015 Immigration Bill on migrants living in the private rented sector.

Published 28 September 2015

Immigration Bill will increase homelessness, warns Scottish Government

Social justice secretary Alex Neil has condemned the UK government’s Immigration Bill which he said will increase levels of homelessness and discriminate against migrants rather than reduce immigration.

Published 18 September 2015

‘Right to Rent’ immigration plans see lawful tenants refused housing

The complexity of the UK government’s plans to make private sector landlords legally responsible for checking the immigration status of their tenants is seeing lawful tenants being refused housing, according new research.

Published 3 September 2015

Landlords pose ‘serious questions’ over UK government immigration plans

Landlords have expressed serious concerns over UK government proposals to make private landlords responsible for checking the immigration status of their tenants.

Published 26 May 2015