Scottish Association of Landlords

Scottish Housing Day: New poll shows mixed housing experience across Scotland

Around 83% of Scots are satisfied with their current housing situation while 16% are not, according to an exclusive new opinion poll commissioned to coincide with Scottish Housing Day, which takes place today.

Published 21 September 2017

Less than one month to go until Scottish Housing Day 2017

With just under a month to go until Scottish Housing Day, the organisers behind the event are encouraging as many housing organisations as possible to get involved and consider hosting an event to raise public awareness of housing options and the great work people in housing do.

Published 31 August 2017

Campaign to encourage landlords to ensure repairs meet required standards

Scotland’s largest landlord membership organisation has urged landlords across the country to ensure all repairs or upgrades meet required standards and are carried out by accredited professionals, whilst also calling for more to be done to enforce those standards to ensure properties are safe for tenants.

Published 18 April 2017

‘Vast majority’ of Dundee’s private homes would fail to meet new government standards

Angus Housing Association director, Bruce Forbes, has likened some properties in Dundee to slums and claimed many homes will not meet new Scottish Government standards.

Published 12 April 2017

Consultation on improving energy efficiency and condition standards in Scotland’s PRS

New proposals to ensure all privately rented homes in Scotland meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency have been published today for consultation.

Published 7 April 2017

2017 Scottish Housing Day aims to help public make informed housing choices

This year’s official Scottish Housing Day will take place on Thursday September 21, it has been announced.

Published 28 March 2017

Landlords slam Chancellor’s ‘undermining’ of efforts to solve Scotland’s housing crisis

Scotland’s largest membership organisation for landlords has strongly criticised UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond MP, for not reversing tax changes which will result in a reduced supply of affordable housing in Scotland.

Published 10 March 2017

Blog: Consultation on Universal Credit regulations

Private landlords representative John Blackwood encourages people to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Universal Credit regulations.

Published 17 February 2017

Dedicated support hub for PRS tenants opens in Glasgow

Social enterprise letting agent Homes for Good has opened a new office in Glasgow which will include a dedicated support and information hub for tenants in the private rented sector.

Published 1 February 2017

Council helps ensure Ayrshire private landlords know their obligations

Experts from South Ayrshire Council were on hand to guide more than 80 private landlords through a number of information workshops recently.

Published 19 January 2017

Scottish Association of Landlords welcome bans for rogue Glasgow landlords

Action to ban nine private landlords from renting properties in Glasgow has been welcomed by the Scottish Association of Landlords.

Published 1 December 2016

Landlords and Scottish Government redouble efforts for better enforcement of regulations

Scottish landlords will today announce their support for new action by the Scottish Government to encourage better enforcement of laws and regulations to force rogue and illegal players out of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and provide a better service for tenants.

Published 8 November 2016

Landlords urged to ‘get their house in order’

Significant tax changes affecting landlords will be outlined as part of National Landlord Day tomorrow.

Published 7 November 2016

Scottish landlords take case against ‘harmful’ tax changes to the Treasury

Scottish landlords’ representatives will hold a series of meetings in London this week to thank Scottish MPs for their support in trying to reverse proposed tax changes which they argue will threaten investment in Scotland and harm the supply of affordable housing.

Published 20 October 2016

Public back landlords’ campaign for better enforcement of PRS laws

An overwhelming majority of Scottish people believe councils should do more to enforce laws which protect the safety of tenants in the Private Rented Sector (PRS), supporting a growing campaign by Scottish landlords who believe enforcement is critical to driving rogue players out of the market.

Published 26 September 2016