Scottish Land Commission

Harriet Donald joins Scottish Land Commission to drive forward Regional Land Use Partnerships

Experienced land manager Harriet Donald has joined the Scottish Land Commission to work on proposals for Regional Land Use Partnerships across Scotland.

Published 11 February 2020

Surveys reveal landowners and communities both value engagement

Knowledge about land ownership and plans for land use differ between rural and urban communities, a Scottish Land Commission survey has revealed.

Published 15 January 2020

Land Settlement Act Centenary sees growing momentum for change

As Scotland marks the centenary of the Land Settlement Act, the Scottish Land Commission has urged that more reform to land ownership and land use is needed, to make the most of Scotland’s land for the benefit of all.

Published 18 December 2019

Shona Glenn: The impact of vacant and derelict land

Shona Glenn, head of policy and research at the Scottish Land Commission, shares her vision for tackling Scotland’s legacy of vacant and derelict land to reduce the negative impact that these sites are having on our urban populations.

Published 11 December 2019

Scottish Land Commission launches good practice guide to support land reform

The Scottish Land Commission has today launched a programme of good practice support, backed by a new online resource to help promote good practice in relation to land rights and responsibilities.

Published 3 December 2019

Kathie Pollard: Action on blight

Kathie Pollard, policy officer at the Scottish Land Commission, explores how a new framework can help decision-makers assess the impact of vacant and derelict land (VDL) sites on their local communities.

Published 19 November 2019

Hamish Trench: Regional land use partnerships

With the Scottish Land Commission being asked to advise the Scottish Government on the establishment of regional land use partnerships, chief executive Hamish Trench looks at what the body will need to consider.

Published 13 November 2019

Research reveals how derelict sites contribute to perceptions of urban decline

Derelict sites can have a detrimental impact on a community’s health, environment, economy and social cohesion, a new Scottish Land Commission research report has found.

Published 10 October 2019

Scottish Land Commission launches £1,000 student award

The potential to deliver affordable housing in rural communities is one of the research areas included in a new national student award which aims to encourage involvement in land reform and help with the work of the Scottish Land Commission.

Published 4 October 2019

Land reform unlocks opportunity as Scotland tackles climate emergency

Land reform can unlock opportunities to create resilient and empowered communities, improve productivity and reduce inequality, a national conference will hear today.

Published 2 October 2019

Scottish Land Commission: Common Good assets have much greater potential

Common Good assets in Scotland have the potential to deliver much greater public benefit than they do currently, the Scottish Land Commission has said.

Published 18 September 2019

Plans to tackle derelict land published

The steps needed to bring land back into productive use and prevent future sites from being abandoned have been published in a new report.

Published 19 August 2019

Scottish Land Commission seeks views on community engagement

The Scottish Land Commission has launched a new survey seeking views of communities across Scotland about community engagement in decisions relating to land.

Published 19 July 2019

Scottish Land Commission: Vacant land transformation ‘should benefit communities’

Transforming vacant and derelict land should deliver environmental benefit to communities throughout central Scotland, the Scottish Land Commission said today.

Published 6 June 2019

Shona Glenn: Let’s talk more about land value sharing and less about land value capture

Shona Glenn, head of policy & research at the Scottish Land Commission, offers some thoughts on how we can better fund and coordinate infrastructure provision to support housing development.

Published 28 May 2019