Seven ways to deliver an excellent factoring service to your customers

Ensuring that you deliver an excellent service with every customer interaction has been a challenge over the last year, so here are 7 ways you can deliver and excellent service to your factored owners’

Published 2 September 2021

Writing policies and what you need to know

Almost all organisations will have a variety of policies, from Terms and conditions for staff, data protection, disciplinary policies or perhaps something more specific to your sector such as an allocations policy or factoring policy.

Published 1 September 2021

Join us on our (virtual) tour around the country

SHARE announced earlier this month that it is putting in place several regional meetings which will replace our face-to-face member visits. Meetings will be delivered via Zoom from 9.15am-10.15am.

Published 30 August 2021

SHARE news just launched

There’s lots of exciting work underway at SHARE and you can find out more about some of that work in the late summer issue of SHARE’s News, the quarterly newsletter for the sector.

Published 30 August 2021

Questions you should be asking - Development  

Being involved in a housing development as a Committee/Board member is perhaps one of the most rewarding tasks involved in your tenure. You see the fruits of your labour built in bricks and mortar, areas are regenerated, and tenants are engaged and excited. However, new build projects come with a certain degree of risk, and the smaller the association, the bigger this risk can seem.

Published 30 August 2021

SHARE’s AGM reveals exciting plans ahead

SHARE’s AGM, held on 19th August, was an opportunity to celebrate the work that had taken place over the year and an opportunity to hear more about the exciting plans afoot.

Published 25 August 2021

Climate crisis debate to be held in memory of Alan Ferguson

A Scottish Housing Day debate is to be held in memory of Alan Ferguson.

Published 17 August 2021

Debra Campbell: Are you Dementia aware?

Debra Campbell, learning and development officer at SHARE, provides an insight into her own experience of Dementia.

Published 11 August 2021

SHARE/CIPFA Corporate Governance programme

The dust has settled, the assignments are complete and the certificates have been issued. The long-awaited and fully subscribed first SHARE/CIPFA Corporate Governance programme is finished.

Published 10 August 2021

SHARE’s AGM – join us

SHARE’s AGM will take place remotely on 19th August from 5pm - 6pm. We’d love you join us!!

Published 9 August 2021

Neurodiversity - is it on your agenda?

It has been estimated that around 10% of the population may be neurodivergent. However, studies have also found that neurodiversity is not on the agenda for around 9 in 10 workplaces. This means that the vast majority of organisations are overlooking the specific needs of a significant proportion of their workforce and their customer base.

Published 21 July 2021

SHARE to celebrate National Hygiene Week

Like most months July has a host of things to celebrate and keep us busy. Looking across the pond we are all familiar with 4th July Independence Day in the USA, but did you know here in the UK we celebrate things like National Hygiene Week between July 5 and 11.  

Published 7 July 2021

SHARE News – spring edition 2021

There’s lots going on in SHARE’s spring edition of SHARE news, the quarterly newsletter for the sector.

Published 7 June 2021

SHARE appoints Mary McLuskey as new director

Mary McLuskey is to join SHARE as director on May 4.

Published 19 April 2021