South Lanarkshire Council

New council homes sets for Hamilton and Strathaven

South Lanarkshire Council will add to its housing stock thanks to a decision by its housing and technical resources committee yesterday.

Published 5 September 2019

Plans submitted for technology-enabled homes and care hub in Blantyre

South Lanarkshire Council has lodged detailed plans for 45 new council homes and a new Care Hub.

Published 12 June 2019

Demolition begins to pave way for hundreds of new Cambuslang homes

Demolition work is now under way at the East Whitlawburn Regeneration Project in Cambuslang to make way for new private and rented housing.

Published 7 June 2019

South Lanarkshire uses rent affordability tool with tenants and staff to encourage dialogue and effective engagement

South Lanarkshire Council has effectively used HouseMark’s rent affordability tool with staff and tenants to understand better the implications of proposed rent changes and kick off constructive conversations.

Published 30 April 2019

Work begins on new council homes in East Kilbride

South Lanarkshire Council has broken ground in East Kilbride on one of its biggest developments of new council housing on the site of the former St Leonard’s Primary School.

Published 5 April 2019

330 new homes planned for Whitlawburn

Plans have been lodged to build 330 homes in Whitlawburn as part of a £42 million housing-led regeneration project.

Published 28 March 2019

South Lanarkshire Council ‘performs well and continues to improve’

South Lanarkshire Council demonstrates strong leadership, has a good approach to the way it manages its finances and has delivered improvements to many services, the local authority watchdog has said.

Published 28 March 2019

CCG makes primary school donation as part of affordable homes work

Lucky pupils at East Milton Primary School in South Lanarkshire are set to benefit from a donation made by construction and manufacturing company CCG (Scotland) Ltd.

Published 19 March 2019

New South Lanarkshire local development plan reaches final hurdle

Around 250 people have responded to a South Lanarkshire Council consultation exercise on the Local Development Plan (SLLDP) 2.

Published 1 March 2019

Over £62m pledged to support South Lanarkshire Council housing

South Lanarkshire Council is to invest more than £62 million in the next financial year on new council homes and improving existing council housing.

Published 12 February 2019

South Lanarkshire agrees homelessness prevention plan

Helping people from becoming homeless and limiting the time spent in temporary accommodation is the focus of a new council plan.

Published 8 February 2019

300 new homes set for Cambuslang by 2021

South Lanarkshire Council has announced that 300 new homes will be built in Cambuslang as part of a £42 million housing-led regeneration project.

Published 14 November 2018

South Lanarkshire tenants to have say on 3.95% council rent increase

Over the next couple of months South Lanarkshire Council tenants will be able to give their views on the level of rent proposed for 2019/20.

Published 1 November 2018

Scottish Housing Day marked by South Lanarkshire Council

South Lanarkshire Council’s housing and technical resources team recently threw its support behind Scottish Housing Day 2018.

Published 1 October 2018

More than 2,500 new homes set for East Kilbride thanks to City Deal

The proposed East Kilbride Community Growth Area (CGA) has received a funding boost from the £1.13 billion Glasgow City Region City Deal.

Published 28 August 2018