Town & Country Property Auctions

Property types for auction sale

There are many different types of property that sell well at Auction, and if you have one that falls into any of these categories you should consider the Auction route.

Published 11 December 2019

Sell your property for free!

Selling at auction enables you to obtain a swift sale with no sale fee. Sounds too good to be true! Here are the reasons why so many clients are now selling property utilising this method of sale.

Published 6 December 2019

Introduction to Town & Country Property Auctions

Town & Country Property Auctions are established auctioneers based in Glasgow, covering the whole of Scotland. We feature top residential property listings including anything from studio flats to state-of-the-art mansions, stately homes, residential and commercial development, amenity and agricultural land, garage blocks and investment properties.

Published 29 November 2019

Welcome to Scotland’s only free to sell property auction

Are you looking to buy or sell a property at auction in Scotland? Town and Country Property Auctions can put your home under the hammer, FAST, FREE AND NO FUSS.

Published 22 November 2019