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Human rights commission to launch own Grenfell inquiry

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched a new project to examine the human rights and equality dimensions of the Grenfell Tower fire after its application to participate in the official inquiry was declined.

Published 11 December 2017

Charity launches UK's first vending machine for homeless people

A vending machine which gives out free food and clothes to homeless people has been launched for the first time in the UK in the run up to Christmas.

Published 30 November 2017

Housing associations in England reclassified as private bodies

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reversed its decision to classify housing associations in England as public non-financial corporations, allowing their estimated £70 billion debt to be removed from the UK government's balance sheet.

Published 16 November 2017

Major new CIH project aims to ‘rethink’ the future of social housing

A major new project which will combine original research and engagement with the sector, tenants, politicians and the public to explore fundamental questions about the future of social housing has been launched by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

Published 16 November 2017

UK: Millennials ‘should stop buying sandwiches and takeaways meals’ in order to afford a house

Millennials priced off the London housing ladder could save enough for a deposit in five years by giving up six “luxuries” ranging from phone upgrades to overseas mini-breaks, a city estate agent has claimed.

Published 15 November 2017

Residential Landlords Association welcomes new director

The organisation that represents 50,000 private sector residential landlords in England and Wales has appointed a new director.

Published 10 November 2017

UK: New project seeks to explore potential for using hydrogen to heat homes

Professional services firm Arup is leading a UK government project examining the feasibility of phasing out the use of natural gas for domestic use by converting homes to hydrogen fuel.

Published 10 November 2017

England: Councils buying homeless people one-way train tickets out of area

Councils in England are buying one-way train tickets for homeless people to move them out of their area, it has been reported.

Published 18 October 2017

Ireland: Citizens asked to play 'Pokémon Go' to help fight homelessness

An interactive platform that allows people to map their surroundings online is being used by a homelessness charity to locate vacant properties around Dublin and the rest of the country.

Published 12 October 2017

UK: Landlords will need planning permission to convert homes into HMOs

Landlords in a London borough will now need to apply for planning permission before renting out their homes to multiple people following a landmark change of planning rules for new Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Published 10 October 2017

England: 'Forgotten homeless' being denied access to housing

Thousands of people in England are "trapped in a cycle of homelessness" due to a lack of affordable and accessible housing, homelessness charity Crisis has said.

Published 6 October 2017

Sanctuary Group appoints new Board member

Sanctuary Group has appointed Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) chief executive Trudi Elliott CBE as a non-executive group Board member.

Published 25 September 2017

England: Welfare policy undermines efforts of councils and housing associations to tackle homelessness

The vast majority of councils and housing associations in England believe government welfare policy is hitting their efforts to tackle homelessness, according to new research.

Published 21 September 2017

Ireland: Family refused emergency homeless accommodation due to home in Malaysia

The High Court in Ireland has upheld a council’s finding that a woman and child were not homeless since they had accommodation outside of the local authority’s jurisdiction.

Published 20 September 2017

England: New guide launched to give social housing tenants a fair press

A campaign which is sponsored by seventeen housing organisations in England and supported by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has sought to challenge negative perceptions that impact upon social housing tenants and launched a new guide for people in the media.

Published 20 September 2017