University of Dundee

Homeless mapping project aims to end postcode lottery for service provision

Significant gaps in the provision of services for the homeless in Dundee have been revealed in a new report published by researchers from the University of Dundee.

Published 30 May 2019

Brexit not an obstacle to environmental planning, study suggests

Brexit could offer greater flexibility for environmental planners in the UK, with Scotland potentially poised to benefit most, according to a recent study.

Published 11 February 2019

Social Bite founder calls on Dundonians to help end homelessness

One of Scotland’s leading philanthropists hopes to harness the Christmas spirit to mobilise Dundonians in the fight against homelessness.

Published 27 November 2018

UK housing sector ‘still not ready for ageing population’

Health experts from across the UK have called for Commissioners for Ageing to be introduced in England and Scotland to help place housing at the heart of service integration for older people.

Published 15 October 2018

University of Dundee symposium to discuss ingredients of successful neighbourhoods

The ingredients that make for successful – and not so successful – neighbourhoods will be explored at a University of Dundee symposium later this month.

Published 17 November 2017

Dundee students union given 50 free tickets to Sleep in the Park

Up to 50 students at the University of Dundee can participate in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park next month after a deal was agreed with the students’ union.

Published 14 November 2017

Councillors to discuss Dundee homelessness prevention strategy

A plan designed to help people in Dundee who are homeless and to prevent it happening in the first place is set to be discussed by councillors.

Published 17 August 2017

Homeless charity to use student’s dissertation to help vulnerable people

The dissertation of a University of Dundee Community Learning and Development student could soon be used to help improve the lives of vulnerable drug users.

Published 22 June 2017

Researcher claims ‘eco-treehouse’ could be future of home building

A University of Dundee researcher has worked with architects to produce conceptual designs for a luxury ‘eco-treehouse’ capable of housing a family, regulating its own temperature and functioning on a self-maintaining, low-energy cycle.

Published 26 April 2017

Birthplace of housing campaigner Mary Lily Walker celebrated by historic plaque

Victorian social reformer Mary Lily Walker, known for improving the lives and living conditions of her fellow Dundonians, was commemorated yesterday with a plaque at the home in which she was born.

Published 6 July 2016

Degree Show seeks to tackle Scotland’s housing challenges

How would a Manhattan-inspired block work beside the Edinburgh by-pass? How do we make homes energy-autonomous? How can urban sprawl and planning legislation be reconciled? What can be done to ensure the housing needs of vulnerable members of society are met?

Published 24 May 2016