University of St Andrews

Affordable student accommodation planned for St Andrews

Fife Council has received plans to build new student accommodation in St Andrews, easing the pressure on housing stock in the university town.

Published 20 July 2020

Fife Council to reassure students on HMO charges

Fife Council is to contact student representatives from the University of St Andrews this week to explain the need for an increase in charges for HMO licenses - and that there should be no need to pass on any increase in fees, to students who are concerned about rent rises.

Published 12 February 2020

Study reveals importance of street names in determining Scottish identity

People living in Scottish areas with street names commemorating Britain, such as “Queen”, “Royal”, “Regent”, or “London” are less likely to define themselves as Scottish only, new research from the University of St Andrews has revealed.

Published 17 November 2017

Public shown updated plans for St Andrews expansion

Developers behind plans to build more than 1,000 homes as part of a western extension of St Andrews have advanced their masterplan proposals following feedback from a consultation survey.

Published 29 May 2017

University of Glasgow to lead UK-wide housing research centre

The University of Glasgow is to lead a consortium of nine universities and four non-academic professional bodies in a major new research programme examining the UK’s housing system.

Published 11 April 2017

University of St Andrews plans affordable homes for staff and students

The University of St Andrews is to move ahead with plans to build affordable housing for its staff and postgraduate students on the eastern edge of St Andrews.

Published 5 October 2016

Research charts difficulties facing ‘generation rent’

Young people who are unable to buy their own home often feel frustrated as they struggle to settle down and benefit from the positive qualities of home, a new study has found.

Published 11 May 2016

Sector calls for 12,000 new affordable homes a year in Scotland

The level of need for affordable housing in Scotland is double what is currently being delivered, according to a new report published today by three of Scotland’s leading housing organisations.

Published 5 October 2015

Report identifies generational shift in housing aspirations

A new report commissioned by the Scottish Government has highlighted an emerging gap between the housing aspirations of younger and older households.

Published 28 September 2015

‘Welfare reform hitting vulnerable young people in the housing market’

Young people face considerable challenges navigating the housing market, with those on low and insecure incomes vulnerable and at potential risk of homelessness, according to a new report from the University of St Andrews published today.

Published 24 June 2015