UK government to outline timetable for transfer of new welfare powers to Holyrood

A major milestone in the transfer of new welfare powers from Westminster to Holyrood will be reached today which will give First Minister Nicola Sturgeon the opportunity to create a Scottish welfare state within weeks.

Published 14 July 2016

Joint ministerial working group on welfare holds first meeting

UK and Scottish government ministers met yesterday to discuss the next steps on the transfer of welfare powers under the Scotland Act 2016.

Published 17 June 2016

Overwhelming number of social tenants who claim benefits worried about welfare changes

New research by the national charity Turn2us has found that over four-fifths (82 per cent) of social tenants who are claiming means-tested benefits are worried about future changes to the welfare system.

Published 15 June 2016

SFHA warns Parliament of devastating ‘hidden’ benefit cut

Ahead of today’s Holyrood debate on ‘Dignity, Fairness and Respect and Disability Benefits’, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) is highlighting the potentially devastating effects of little known changes to Housing Benefit by the UK government  – as well as the action Scottish Government could take to head these off.

Published 9 June 2016

New benefits change causing ‘serious detriment’ to vulnerable Scots

The UK government’s much-heralded change to the social security system contains a number of inherent flaws which are causing serious problems for people in need, according to a detailed new report from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

Published 7 June 2016

First Minister sets out programme for government

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined a comprehensive programme for the Scottish Government including early action to prepare for new social security powers and delivering 50,000 affordable homes over the parliament.

Published 26 May 2016

Blog: The impact of welfare changes for single young people

In a guest blog for Shelter Scotland, Janice Blenkinsopp talks about her research into the housing options for the often overlooked demographic of low-income adults aged 25-34 following recent welfare changes and the potential implications for our understanding of what it means to be an adult in modern day Scotland.

Published 18 May 2016

LHA fails to align with private sector rents, warns CIH

Tenants who receive the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) face an increasingly widening gap between the help with their housing costs and the actual rent they pay, new Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) research has found.

Published 13 May 2016

Half of low income households at risk of missing out on vital welfare support

Almost half of low income households in the UK are not claiming the welfare benefits and tax credits they could be entitled to, according to new research.

Published 11 May 2016

Blog: Homes must be at the heart of Scotland’s new social security system

By Adam Lang, head of communications and policy at Shelter Scotland

Published 6 May 2016

Housing, energy efficiency and welfare feature high on SNP manifesto

The SNP has unveiled plans for 50,000 new affordable homes, a Warm Homes Bill to help tackle fuel poverty and a social security system based on dignity and respect should it win the upcoming Holyrood election.

Published 21 April 2016

Lib Dems pledge more homes for rent and ‘fair’ Scottish welfare system

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have set out plans to increase in housing supply by expanding the Housing Fund for Scotland model and tackle youth homelessness through mediation.

Published 18 April 2016

New work and pensions secretary pledges ‘no further cuts’ to welfare

New work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb has said there will be no further planned cuts to welfare after the UK government abandoned its changes to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Published 22 March 2016

Call to scrap planned disability benefit changes following IDS resignation

The Scottish National Party is calling on David Cameron to “immediately and completely” scrap cuts to disability benefit announced in Wednesday’s budget following the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith.

Published 21 March 2016