MSPs ‘surprised and saddened’ over to Mundell food bank evidence

A Scottish Parliament committee has sent evidence that shows the link between the UK government’s welfare reform and an increase in the use of food banks to Scotland Office minister David Mundell MP.

Published 17 March 2015

JRF study analyses impact of austerity on poorest communities

Poorer Scots report feeling more confused and less secure following rapid cuts to their incomes, according to a study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).It finds signs of close knit communities lending support to some members but an overall picture of heightened risk and instability.

Published 10 March 2015

Report reveals benefit sanction ‘hotspots’ across Britain

A report into benefit sanctions by homelessness charity Crisis has revealed a postcode lottery where people are more likely to be penalised than others.The report found significant variations in sanction rates in different parts of the UK with Aberdeenshire and Clackmannanshire among the areas where people are most likely to be sanctioned.

Published 10 March 2015

Churches urge benefit sanctions rethink

A new report from a coalition of major UK churches has revealed that around 6,500 children in Scotland were affected by benefit sanctions in 2013/14.

Published 5 March 2015

Parents and disabled claimants ‘disproportionately affected’ by welfare reforms

Parents and people with disabilities are being hit hardest by the UK government’s programme of welfare reform according to new research commissioned by the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee.

Published 5 March 2015