Scottish Parliament could reverse Tory benefit cuts ‘as early as 2017’

The Scottish Government will have the power to reverse cuts to working tax credits in Scotland as early as 2017, according to a senior Whitehall source.

Published 6 October 2015

Blog: Universal Credit has landed

In a guest blog for Shelter Scotland, Kirsty McKechnie, welfare rights worker for Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland, gives the story so far for Universal Credit.

Published 2 October 2015

Scottish Government to abolish ‘84-day’ benefits rule

A rule that removes benefits from families whose disabled children are forced to spend long periods in hospital is to be scrapped by the Scottish Government.

Published 23 September 2015

Benefit sanctions blamed for increased use of food banks

Gaps in the social security safety net are the key reason why people in Scotland are turning to food banks, according to a new report.

Published 22 September 2015

Year of success but welfare challenges ahead, Thenue AGM told

Significant welfare reform by the UK government will continue to pose extraordinarily difficult challenges for individuals and housing providers alike, Thenue Housing has warned.

Published 21 September 2015

Welfare reform leaving one in four MS sufferers unable to heat their homes

A quarter of Scots with multiple sclerosis (MS) are cutting back on gas and electricity to get by because of cuts to their disability benefits, according to a new report.

Published 16 September 2015

Scotland ‘will not replicate’ Westminster’s new child poverty definition

The UK government’s attempt to make legislative changes to the definition of child poverty will not be replicated in Scotland as they would exclude working poor households, social justice secretary Alex Neil has told Westminster.

Published 14 September 2015

UK welfare reforms ‘failing to boost employment’

Reforms to the benefits system are failing in their objective of encouraging the unemployed into work, according to new research.

Published 2 September 2015

Sturgeon reveals plans for rent controls with new Private Tenancies Bill

First minister Nicola Sturgeon has laid out plans to introduce new bills to improve security for private tenants, introduce rent controls and abolish the ‘bedroom tax’ as early as possible.

Published 1 September 2015

United Nations to investigate if UK welfare reforms violate human rights

The United Nations (UN) are to investigate the UK government’s welfare reforms following a complaint that there had “grave and systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights, it has been reported.

Published 31 August 2015

Gentoo announces redundancies amid £72m shortfall

Gentoo has announced it must make a number of “inevitable redundancies” as it looks to make up an estimated shortfall of £72 million.

Published 27 August 2015

Discretionary Housing Payments used to ‘paper over the cracks’ of poor policies

Shelter Scotland has cautioned against Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) being viewed as a long-term solution to Scotland’s housing crisis after new figures revealed a 37 per cent increase in the number of awards.

Published 25 August 2015

North Lanarkshire Council secures £29m of welfare assistance

Thousands of people struggling from the affects of welfare reform received over £29 million worth of help, thanks to North Lanarkshire Council's housing and social work team.

Published 25 August 2015

Devolved finance ministers issue joint warning on ‘unnecessary’ austerity plans

Finance ministers from all three Devolved Administrations have issued a joint warning that UK austerity plans “present unnecessary risks to our public services”.

Published 25 August 2015

Almost half of ESA & JSA sanctions overturned when reviewed

Almost half of all sanctions imposed on the UK government’s Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) have been overturned when reviewed, according to official figures.

Published 19 August 2015