Conservatives reveal ‘bedroom tax’ concerns

David Cameron’s former speech writer has urged the prime minister to axe the ‘bedroom tax’ after revealing concerns about the policy’s impact.

Published 10 June 2015

Working families could become ‘second class savers’ under Universal Credit

Working families moving onto Universal Credit could become ‘second class savers’, with any money put aside potentially counting against their benefit entitlement, according to a new report published today by the independent think-tank the Resolution Foundation.

Published 8 June 2015

Concerns over how £12bn welfare cuts will affect devolved social security powers

Social justice secretary Alex Neil has called for an inter-governmental meeting to discuss the implications of a planned £12 billion welfare cut on powers contained in the new Scotland Bill.

Published 4 June 2015

Lone parents, disabled women and refugees ‘impacted most’ by benefit sanctions

Calls for new welfare at Holyrood to be used to redress some the “devastating” impacts of benefit sanctions on women will be heard by MSPs today.

Published 2 June 2015

Highland Council pilots alternative Universal Credit payment arrangements

The Highland Council is the first local authority in the UK to trial a new Universal Credit application process that enables landlords to electronically submit an Alternative Payment Arrangement to support vulnerable tenants.

Published 2 June 2015

Report: The Smith Commission and beyond: the devolution of housing benefit to the Scottish Parliament

Shelter Scotland has published a paper which sets out the principles it believes should underpin further devolution of social security - including housing benefit – to the Scottish Parliament, and what steps the Scottish Government and UK governments should take in relation to the devolution of social security.

Published 2 June 2015

UK government urged to improve welfare reform implementation

The UK government’s spending watchdog has criticised the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) for its failure to anticipate problems in its implementation of welfare reform.

Published 1 June 2015

Scots ‘living in constant fear’ of further welfare cuts

Many people accessing benefits are living in constant fear that further cuts will push them into "crisis situations", a new study has found.

Published 1 June 2015

Legal challenge to benefit cap’s impact on disabled people and carers

The High Court has ordered that a judicial review challenge to the benefit cap and its impact upon disabled people and their carers should proceed to a full hearing, and that this hearing must take place urgently.

Published 1 June 2015

Blog: The UK government can cut less than £12bn from benefits – and still meet its welfare target

By Adam van Lohuizen, senior economic analyst at Shelter

Published 29 May 2015

Councils overspend Discretionary Housing Payments by £3m

Local authorities in Scotland made just over 118,000 awards under the Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) scheme during 2014/15, with a total value of over £50 million granted through to 31st March 2015, new statistics have revealed.

Published 27 May 2015

Blog: Is the UK heading for a break up and what are the implications for housing?

Following last year’s referendum on independence for Scotland and the SNP surge in the General Election, what does the future hold for the make-up of the UK? Annie Mauger, director of CIH’s national business units, shares her views ahead of Housing 2015.

Published 20 May 2015

England: Social landlords welfare expect cuts to trigger new wave of homelessness

Further cuts to welfare funding by the UK government result in a surge in rent arrears, tenant evictions and homelessness, a new report has warned.

Published 19 May 2015

First minister and the STUC agree on transfer of powers

First minister Nicola Sturgeon has shared “serious concerns” with the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) over the impact on the people of Scotland of the UK government's commitment to continued austerity.

Published 14 May 2015

Blog: What now for the welfare of Scotland?

David Bookbinder on the tricky issue of welfare in Scotland and the UK following last week’s general election result.

Published 12 May 2015