Wellhouse Housing Association

Wellhouse Housing Association delivers sweet treats to home-schooled pupils

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) marked Random Acts of Kindness Week last week by delivering sweet treats to home-schooled pupils around North East Glasgow, spreading some cheer during the current lockdown.

Published 24 February 2021

Wellhouse Housing Association tackles resident fuel poverty during pandemic

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) is working to help local residents stay warm this winter by sharing £1,000 among those unable to heat their homes.

Published 11 February 2021

Wellhouse Housing Association to invest £83,000 in community hub

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) has started work on an £83,000 initiative to upgrade the community hub to improve facilities for local residents.

Published 29 January 2021

Wellhouse Christmas lights competition winners announced

Wellhouse Housing Association has crowned the four winners of its Christmas light competition.

Published 12 January 2021

Wellhouse explores new build flood mitigation measures with £80,000 investment

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) has invested over £80,000 in the first phases of work to bring new housing to Greater Easterhouse.

Published 10 December 2020

Wellhouse Housing Association cuts equivalent of Hampden pitch 18 times during pandemic 

Wellhouse Housing Association’s estates team have been praised for their herculean effort in looking after the community throughout the pandemic which included cutting the equivalent of the famous pitch at Hampden 18 times.

Published 27 November 2020

Wellhouse increases support to Glasgow City Council’s Homeless Services

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) has underlined its support of Glasgow City Council’s Homeless Services with the provision of additional properties to be used as temporary accommodation for homeless families.

Published 17 November 2020

Top results for Wellhouse in independent tenants’ survey  

Tenants and staff at Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) have been given a boost after the social landlord received one of its best set of results in years in an independent survey of residents. 

Published 19 October 2020

Wellhouse Housing Association urges tenants in arrears to come forward for help

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) is urging tenants who have missed payments to come forward and seek help.  The call comes after the association revealed that the level of rent arrears increased by almost 9% according to

Published 7 October 2020

Wellhouse pleads for tenants in arrears to take up help in annual report

Wellhouse Housing Association(WHA) has published its annual landlord report with a call for tenants who have missed rent payments to come forward and seek help immediately.

Published 30 September 2020

Residents unanimously satisfied with neighbourhood management at Wellhouse

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) has received a 100% satisfaction rating for its “contribution to the management of the neighbourhood” for the first time in an independent survey of its residents.

Published 16 September 2020

Wellhouse to invest more than £1m in housing stock

Wellhouse Housing Association has today unveiled plans to invest a further £1.1 million in its housing stock over the next 12 months.

Published 8 September 2020

Wellhouse Housing Association launches digital support fund

Wellhouse Housing Association has launched a ‘Digital Support Fund’ to help tenants and local community groups to connect with families and friends and to access online welfare and education support.

Published 26 August 2020

Wellhouse income advice  officer secures £2.4m in financial gains for tenants

A Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) income advice officer has secured over £2.4 million in financial gains through their work in advocacy and income maximisation.

Published 20 August 2020

COVID strengthens community spirit in Greater Easterhouse

Greater Easterhouse has always had a strong community sector between housing, voluntary groups and charities and through COVID-19, the partnerships have grown even stronger.  

Published 13 May 2020