Wellhouse Housing Association

Top results for Wellhouse in independent tenants’ survey  

Tenants and staff at Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) have been given a boost after the social landlord received one of its best set of results in years in an independent survey of residents. 

Published 19 October 2020

Wellhouse Housing Association urges tenants in arrears to come forward for help

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) is urging tenants who have missed payments to come forward and seek help.  The call comes after the association revealed that the level of rent arrears increased by almost 9% according to

Published 7 October 2020

Wellhouse pleads for tenants in arrears to take up help in annual report

Wellhouse Housing Association(WHA) has published its annual landlord report with a call for tenants who have missed rent payments to come forward and seek help immediately.

Published 30 September 2020

Residents unanimously satisfied with neighbourhood management at Wellhouse

Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) has received a 100% satisfaction rating for its “contribution to the management of the neighbourhood” for the first time in an independent survey of its residents.

Published 16 September 2020

Wellhouse to invest more than £1m in housing stock

Wellhouse Housing Association has today unveiled plans to invest a further £1.1 million in its housing stock over the next 12 months.

Published 8 September 2020

Wellhouse Housing Association launches digital support fund

Wellhouse Housing Association has launched a ‘Digital Support Fund’ to help tenants and local community groups to connect with families and friends and to access online welfare and education support.

Published 26 August 2020

Wellhouse income advice  officer secures £2.4m in financial gains for tenants

A Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) income advice officer has secured over £2.4 million in financial gains through their work in advocacy and income maximisation.

Published 20 August 2020

COVID strengthens community spirit in Greater Easterhouse

Greater Easterhouse has always had a strong community sector between housing, voluntary groups and charities and through COVID-19, the partnerships have grown even stronger.  

Published 13 May 2020

Wellhouse chair has 20/20 vision for next decade

Darron Brown, chair of Wellhouse Housing Association, has outlined the Association priorities for the upcoming decade.

Published 13 December 2019

Maureen Morris completes five successful years as Wellhouse chair

Maureen Morris has stepped down after having served her five years as the chair of Wellhouse Housing Association.

Published 27 September 2019

SFHA unveils board director election results

The results of the Scottish Federation of Housing Association’s board director elections were announced this week at the federation’s AGM in Edinburgh.

Published 30 August 2019

Wellhouse Housing Association welcomes student placement

Wellhouse Housing Association has demonstrated its supports for future housing professionals as it welcomed a student placement to the Association.

Published 7 December 2018

Wellhouse marks Year of Young People with new Modern Apprentice

Wellhouse Housing Association has demonstrated that while it may be the last month of the Year of Young People it is not too late to help a young person.

Published 5 December 2018

Wellhouse Housing Association’s new income advice officer gets off to flying start

An income advice officer who joined Wellhouse Housing Association earlier this year has well and truly hit the ground running offering much needed services to the Association’s communities.

Published 18 October 2018

Vice-chair resigns at Wellhouse after being struck off by SSSC for assault

A care worker has resigned from her position as vice-chair at Wellhouse Housing Association after being struck off by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) for assaulting an elderly resident at a care home.

Published 30 August 2018